12/29 Small homes with big appeal in Australia

new TV show, Tiny House Australia

Australians live in some of the biggest houses in the world but as prices get more unaffordable the tiny house movement is catching on.

The movement advocates living simply in a small home and it is a trend that property guru Andrew Winter finds intriguing.

The host of Selling Houses Australia takes a look inside downsized dream homes in his new eight-part series, Tiny House Australia…

The series focuses on those who want a small house with a bit of land around them, rather than on urban compact living.

“Just because you move on to a bit of acreage, doesn’t mean you have to build a big house,” Winter says.

“Affordability is a big factor. You can still buy a block of land out of town for $100-$150,000 and by putting a small house on it you can focus on other things. A little house can mean a little mortgage.”

Winter believes that in urban areas where councils impose minimum sizes there needs to be new approaches.

“There are not a great many examples of creative urban design here at the moment,” he says.

“I worked in London in real estate and there you can get very good apartments under 60sqm but they have to be designed right. You can’t overstate the importance of good design.”

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Elaine Walker