12/23 What I’m Giving Up This Christmas (due to living tiny)

Tiny home of Veronica, Jeff and baby Joy

Tiny home of Veronica, Jeff and baby Joy

Right now, I seriously can’t think of anything that beats living in a Tiny House.

But, obviously, living Tiny means that our family will have to make some sacrifices this Christmas. We choose our lifestyle for an abundance of reasons, two of the most important ones being financial freedom and materialistic freedom. So that means our Christmas list looks a little bit different, as well. Our budget is significantly smaller then last year’s (especially with a new baby!), and obviously we have very little space.

This Christmas, I’m giving up the small gifts that are really fun and make me smile, but after the new year tend to gather lots of dust and eventually end up at the bottom of some black hole. This includes ‘gag’ gifts and gorgeous wall decor that has no place to go. This year is a lot lighter in the gift department. However, choosing to buy our family less gifts and to focus our money and time elsewhere has allowed us to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and to be more intentional about what we do buy or make.

This Christmas, I’m not having guests over. I love entertaining and the Christmas season is perfect for holiday parties and having friends and family over. But in a Tiny House, not only is it impractical, but people aren’t really interested in socializing inside. (I mean, our house is great to ooh and ahh over, but people see it as a totally different ball game to actually sit down in it!)

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Elaine Walker