12/21 Lexington couple living small to do big things for others

Allie and Jeremy Barnett's tiny house next to their horse barn  in Kentucky

Allie and Jeremy Barnett’s tiny house next to their horse barn in Kentucky

When Allie and Jeremy Barnett started looking for a new place to live, they knew they wanted a farm. Horses have a special place in Allie’s heart.

“When I was younger I struggled with a lot of depression and anxiety type issues and horses were just always kind of my safe haven and really changed my life in a lot of ways,” said Allie Barnett.

Allie, a registered nurse is also a certified therapeutic horseback riding instructor and has started a non profit called Safe Haven Equine Ministries.

“Our mission is to serve teenagers ages 12-18 that struggle with depression and anxiety related disorders through the use of just being outdoors and interacting with horses,” said Barnett.

To make their dream a reality, the Barnett’s found a farm in Bourbon County. It had just what they needed land, a barn and a place to live.

To save money and focus all of their time and energy on their horse ministry the Barnett’s are joined a growing new trend in “Tiny House” living.

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Elaine Walker