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12/18 Tiny house trends: Luxury focus sends Tiny Heirloom into public spotlight

Tiny Heirloom home
Tiny Heirloom home
With all the attention surrounding tiny homes, homebuilder Jason Francis and his brother Zach detected what they considered a missing piece of the movement: luxury small houses. And, after starting their Tiny Heirloom company in 2014 with a focus on luxury and customizable tiny homes, the idea has “spread like wildfire,” Jason Francis said. …

Francis, 23, said he and his brother Jason, 21, “have basically grown up in construction,” as their father — a 35-year-old veteran of the industry — encouraged them to help build their family home. When Francis was about 18, he and his brother started their homebuilding company.

Last year, however, Francis and his brother-in-law, Tyson Spiess, decided to venture away from traditional building and test out construction of their first tiny house after seeing the idea online. Mid-way through that first project, Jason’s brother Zack joined the building team.

After completing the structure, they posted photos online, which quickly drew a huge response. “A lot of people showed interest in it, so we started building more,” Francis said. “Mid-way through our second build we decided to create a company out of it. And now we’re here.”

The company, Tiny Heirloom, is currently working on its 10th tiny home on wheels and has grown to now employ about 15 people…

“You can downsize and not necessarily downgrade,” Francis said.

Some of those customizable additions and innovations the company has created include:
– Sliding/room-transferring chandeliers
– Dining tables and beds that can pull out of walls and platforms
– High-end skylights that are solar-operated and remote-controlled
– Moving walls
– Custom hide-away bunkbeds
– Off-grid capable A/C
– Linear-actuated dining table and chairs that are hidden away when not in use
– Radiant heating in floors
– Fold-up front porch
– Rooftop decks
– Beer keg and tap incorporated into kitchen
– Dishwashers hidden/incorporated into kitchen
– Slide-up flat-screen TVs (can be hidden under dining table when not in use)
– In-house speakers

Read more – http://www.constructiondive.com/news/tiny-house-trends-luxury-focus-sends-tiny-heirloom-into-public-spotlight/410870/

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