12/16 “We had acquired so much stuff over the years, we both started to feel the weight and burden of it.”

Kelly Christine Sutton's tiny house

Kelly Christine Sutton’s tiny house in Texas

Today we have a very special home feature for you! Kelly Christine Sutton is a super talented lifestyle photographer and film maker who happens to live in an American Tiny House. Obsessed!!! We were beyond thrilled when she agreed to share her tiny space with us.

“Our Golden tiny house is currently located in my tiny hometown of Golden, Texas. It’s located about 80 miles east of Dallas. I was raised here, and my husband and I moved back from the city about 1 1/2 months ago into our custom built tiny home on wheels. Finding a place to park a THOW can be trickier in the city, so we were very fortunate to be able to temporarily move it to family property in the country.

“We chose to go tiny for several reasons; the major ones being the desire for mobility, financial independence and environmental neutrality. Like most people our age, we’d been sinking thousands of dollars into renting, and we wanted something to call our own that allowed the freedom to move. We had acquired so much stuff over the years, we both started to feel the weight and burden of it. A tiny house seemed perfect for us if we were able to fully customize it to our liking, and our builders at American Tiny House ended up being a great choice. My husband, Canaan, is studying to be an environmental biologist, so the idea of decreasing our carbon footprint was really exciting to us both. Aside from all that, we just really liked the idea of living with less and focusing more on experiences and people rather than things.

Read more – http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2016/12/at-home-with-kelly-christine-sutton-in-golden-texas.html


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