12/15 This tiny house will have you climbing the walls

the Tiny Adventure Home

The Tiny Adventure Home features a rock climbing wall on its exterior. From Tiny Heirloom.

Mississippi couple Breck and Kelsey decided to downsize to a tiny house but still wanted to pursue their hobbies, so contacted luxury tiny house firm Tiny Heirloom. The recently-completed Tiny Adventure Home features a real rock climbing wall on its exterior, allowing its owners to do a little climbing whenever they are parked up.

Access to the Tiny Adventure Home is gained by a standard front door. However, a large glazed section also opens the home to the outdoors, lifting like a garage-style door, a lot like the Alpha.

Inside, the layout is slightly different from typical tiny houses and also looks finished to a very high standard. Immediately upon entering, there’s a kitchen to one side and a large dining area with two bench seats on the other.

This latter area has enough room for up to six people, which should make having people over a lot easier, something we learned can be a challenge in our recent tiny house interview.

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