12/13 Tiny House Christmas Tree Ornament

Etsy tiny house Christmas ornament

Etsy tiny house Christmas ornament

Have your own Tiny House this holiday season!

This Tiny House Ornament is a 3D paper replica of a real tiny house built by master craftsman CJ “Ceige” Taylor.

Each ornament has a wreath affixed to the roof so you can easily hang it on your tree. You can also display the Tiny House Ornament on a shelf or table.

CJ created the card model for this ornament by starting with photographs of the Tiny House and using classic card/ paper modeling to design, print, and assemble the finished product.

The Tiny House Ornament is shipped to you in a sturdy box that can also be used for storage. Each ornament is signed by the maker and creator.

Dimensions (inches): 4 X 4.25 X 2

The real Tiny House, aka “My Tiny Cabin,” is a complete house in less than 300 square feet, built on an 8X20-foot trailer. CJ built it as an experiment in simplification and beauty. This listing is for the Tiny House Ornament based on the real Tiny house.

[Note: this is not an affiliate link. I don’t get any commission. I just thought you might enjoy it.]

Etsy shop – https://www.etsy.com/listing/260080911/tiny-house-ornament


Elaine Walker