12/10 Urban Micro Crib For The Minimalist

the crib tiny house

The Crib tiny house

You can get a beautiful studio sized condo designed and give it a very urban look. This kind of a bite sized micro crib can be a good vacation home or a guest house that you can build for yourself. The Broadhurst Architects inspired this design of having a niche studio home where you could holiday and stay. This crib is only a few hundred square feet and is easy to construct in any space, large or small.

The micro home craze is catching up quickly in the urban areas. Many people prefer the comfort of this rustic and minimalist comfy home. The models of this home range from three hundred and fifteen to six hundred and fifty square feet area. They are quaint and dainty with a hidden kitchen which appears in a closet. These kinds of micro homes are good enough to accommodate a decent living. Most of these cribs are made in wood and are also eco friendly. Therefore, if you have a small area available to you, you can easily construct this micro home as it does not require a lot of budget. If you are sort of an environmentalist who likes to go green and stay away from pollution, these are the kinds of homes that you can go with.

More info is available from Enviresponsible Shelters. Contact: emailinfo@thecrib.info or call 301-309-8900.

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Elaine Walker