12/10 Tiny home has to go!

Ches Lam's backyard cottage for sale

Ches Lam’s backyard cottage for sale

Microhomes are all the rage among urban hipsters – but a tiny house in East Vancouver has fallen afoul of city zoning bylaws.

Owner Ches Lam built the 250-square-foot cottage a couple of years ago in his backyard. It was intended as a guest house for visitors.

But one neighbour wasn’t so happy about the carpenter’s project after other neighbours began asking to rent it for their own guests.

Lam didn’t consider city bylaws when he converted the old workshop, and a complaint to the city now means the diminutive domicile will have to be removed.

City inspectors have given him notice, and Lam has listed the cottage on Craigslist for $20,000.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking,” he told The Province newspaper. “People love it, except for the one neighbour.”

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Elaine Walker