12/09 Tiny Towable Eco-home Helps You Reconnect with Nature

Atlas towable solar powered home with water collection system

Atlas towable solar powered home with water collection system

Meet Atlas, a tiny road-ready solar home that combines an RV’s comfort with camping’s freedom and access to nature. Longmont-based F9 Productions designed the beautiful micro-home as an alternative to boxy trailers that obscure views of the outdoors. The 196-square-foot Atlas minimizes its energy dependence with a 640-watt rooftop solar system and water collection system that filters and stores rainwater.

Though small, the Atlas transforms to maximize every inch of space. One of its walls opens up to create a welcoming wood deck and outdoor bar that’s shaded by a fold-down translucent awning. The outdoor patio is separated from the indoors by a window wall and glass sliding door that protect the interior from the elements while offering floor-to-ceiling landscape views. In contrast to the sturdy facade made from a tube steel frame and light gauge steel panels, the interior is finished in wood for a warm and cozy appearance.

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Elaine Walker