12/09 Big Names, Tiny Homes

tiny house from Revolution Precrafted Properties

from Revolution Precrafted Properties

At the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair, there were… two architectural prototypes. The structures and other “bespoke, architectural collectibles,” as their developer, Robbie Antonio, called the designs, were for sale through a new company called Revolution Precrafted Properties that aims to deliver limited editions of small houses and pavilions designed by big names within a few months of an order…

Mr. Antonio’s project takes the promise of prefab — well-designed, mass-produced housing that is economical because of its scale — and turns it on its head, which is either visionary or confounding, depending on your point of view. (Cannily, he’s described his wares not as “prefabricated” but “precrafted,” a word that conjures up an artisanal product like a handmade whiskey.)

It’s a collision, too, of other, contradictory themes: the appetites of global wealthy collectors to amass name-brand luxury products, like limited-edition furniture, contemporary art and now, perhaps, branded architecture, as well as the tiny house movement, which is all about living simply and new materials that address sustainability issues.

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Elaine Walker