12/08 Carved Door, Curved Stairs and a Fireplace in this Unique Tiny House


Side door of Robert and Bettina Johnson's tiny house

Side door of Robert and Bettina Johnson’s tiny house

The Aboriginal carvings on the outside of Robert and Bettina Johnson’s tiny home speak volumes about the purpose behind their house’s design. You see, the people in their community in Alkali Lake, British Columbia, Canada have struggled to get into home ownership in the past. So the couple set out to master the art of tiny house building as a means to later teach others how to build their own abodes — and, as you’ll see, they aced the test.

For starters, so they took a very thoughtful approach to making the 280-square-foot space truly livable: They aligned the kitchen with the vaulted ceiling, since it’s the space that requires the most standing. They went with a spiral staircase that allows people to peek through the steps and keeps the space feeling open and airy. And, in the sleeping loft, they designed curved ceilings with the highest point in the middle of the mattress so people don’t have to duck down when climbing in and out of bed.

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Elaine Walker