11/29 Canadian Tiny House With a Cool Deck

tiny house with deck

Greenmoxie Off-Grid Tiny House

The company Greenmoxie of Toronto, Canada recently unveiled a sustainable tiny home, which can withstand even the harsh conditions of a Canadian winter. The home is cozy on the inside, and looks like a quaint cabin from the outside. It also features a unique drawbridge deck, which extends the living area very nicely.

The home is 30 ft long, 8.5 ft wide and 13.5 ft high (9 m by 2.6 m by 4m), which yields 340 sq ft (31.6 sq m) of interior space. It was built using reclaimed and salvaged materials, including wood from a demolished old barn. The interior was left as open as possible, with the sofa and shelving placed close to the walls instead of cluttering up the central space. The home also features an RV-style table surface, which can be used as a dining table or a coffee table.

The kitchen is quite spacious for a tiny home, and features a good amount of counter space and a large sink. The bathroom is also quite spacious, and is fitted with a composting toilet, and a shower. The bedroom is located in a loft, which is accessible via a set of storage stairs. Windows were placed in a way that allows excellent cross ventilation. The home is heated by a mini-woodstove and a propane heater.

Read more and see all the pictures – http://www.jetsongreen.com/2016/11/canadian-tiny-house-with-a-cool-deck.html


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