11/28 Rotating Forest Retreat

86 sq ft cabin built by Telmo Cadavez in Portugal

86 sq ft cabin built by Telmo Cadavez in Portugal

Seems like the idea of building rotating tiny homes so they can follow the sun and maximize solar heat gain or privacy might be catching on. The newest one comes from builder Telmo Cadavez from Portugal. He created a micro cabin, which can be swiveled around all the way, and looks like a perfect minimalistic forest retreat.

Cadavez designed the cabin himself and it took him, his cousin, and a friend who is a carpenter about six months to build it. The cabin is made out of pinewood, while cork was used for insulation, and black slate for roof and parts of the interior. The design was inspired by vintage shepherd wagons used in the area, which were pulled by cows. He adapted the design, made it asymmetric and added the rotating function.

The interior of the cabin measures just 86 square feet, but it’s fitted with transformer furniture, which allows for maximizing the available space. One of these pieces is a drop-leaf table attached to a wall, which is used as a dining or work table, and can be folded away when not in use. There are also two simple and multifunctional stools, which can be turned into larger seats, or used to support the foldaway bed.

Read more and see all the pictures – http://www.jetsongreen.com/2016/11/rotating-forest-retreat.html


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