11/27 Simple tiny house in a beautiful location, built for $17k by 18 year old

Gabriella Grace's tiny house in Wellington, New Zealand

Gabriella Grace’s tiny house in Wellington, New Zealand

Gabriella Grace was only 18 years old when she built her very own tiny house on wheels together with her father.

Gabriella’s home was constructed during her final year of school for only NZ$26,000 (approximately US$17,000).

interior of Gabriella Grace's tiny house

interior of Gabriella Grace’s tiny house.

Now 20 years old, she has found an incredible spot for her home in New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington.

Watch the video tour and interview by the friendly and gracious Bryce Langston
of Living Big in a Tiny House at https://youtu.be/kiKh-neczTE.


Elaine Walker