11/25 The tiny house movement hits the Heartland

Kristen Cook's tiny house in Missouri

Kristen Cook’s tiny house in Missouri

“Dream big.” That’s how the saying goes, but Kristen Cook prefers a much smaller scale. When it was time to move out of her mom and dad’s house, Cook decided it was also time to downsize.

“I can definitely come home after a long day of school or work and really be able to relax and just kind of enjoy it,” Cook said.

Cook built her 200 square foot dream home on top of an old 1978 Camper trailer making it portable too. However, she said there was definitely a time when she questioned what she was getting into. Not for the claustrophobic, Cook maximized every square inch of the space when designing her mini mansion.

“My godfather actually made the couch so that we could have good storage in it,” she said.

The main room serves as a lot of different purposes including a living space, dining room and office.

“I wanted it to feel as homey as possible,” she said.

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Elaine Walker