11/25 High Performance Tiny House Tours in Montgomery Alabama Today

Inside Grace and Corbett Lunsford's high performance tiny house.

Inside Grace and Corbett Lunsford’s high performance tiny house.

Tiny Homes seem to be sweeping the nation from social media posts to even having television shows based around them.

One Montgomery native and her husband decided to get rid of their apartment and build a tiny home, taking it all across the country to hopefully improve other houses along the way.

The Lunsfords are your typical family: husband Corbett, wife Grace, nine-month-old daughter Nanette, two cats. What isn’t exactly typical is their tiny house they built which measures at a mere 210 square feet.

“I don’t feel like I’ve given anything up and I grew up on Felder Avenue in a 26 room home and now I’m in 210 square feet,” claims Grace McPhillips Lunsford.

The home consists of a kitchen, bedroom with a queen bed, closet, and nook for Nanette, a loft for a dining room and living room, work space, and of course a bathroom complete with a shower, compost toilet, litter box, and changing table.

Like most, you probably are wondering not only about the tight quarters, but the smell. While I was there, not once did I get a whiff of anything other than pleasantries. “There’s a trapped door for the solids and then there’s divertors for all the liquids. My toilet smells less than your toilet at home when using it. It is its own poopouri,” laughs Grace.

The Lunsfords say it’s all based on the dynamics of their home and their motto: sealed tight, ventilated right…

The Lunsfords are opening it up for tours on Black Friday from 9:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. It’s parked at the Fitzgerald Museum.

Read more and watch the video – http://www.wsfa.com/story/33785725/tiny-house-on-wheels-makes-a-stop-in-montgomery


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