11/24 Thank you, tiny friends!

cabin in the woods
In this season of thanks, I want to express my gratitude for all the terrific tiny house people:

  • Thanks to those of you who, with creativity and cooperation, are working toward a more sustainable and peaceful world.
  • Thanks to you who are struggling with a tiny house build, who faithfully scrounge and scavenge to create something wonderful from scraps and snippets.
  • Thank you to those with enough money to buy a large, luxurious house, but opt for a life richer in experiences than in possessions.
  • Thank you to the builders who bring us amazing designs and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Thanks to the builders who offer us simple, economical homes.
  • Thank you to the bloggers, Facebook admins, and meetup group organizers who provide us with ways to connect and communicate.
  • And thanks to the trailblazers working with their local zoning officials toward acceptance of tiny houses, smoothing the path toward fulfillment of our dreams.

May you all have a blessed holiday!


Elaine Walker