11/21 From the Rambler to the Road

Lovely home of the Marzullos

Lovely home of the Marzullos

[The following are excerpts from the blog of April and Joey Marzullo and their daughter Sofie. They are moving from a large “rambler” house in MN to a tiny house in NC, to be near a clinic where April can get specialized care.]

This blog, We Are Going Tiny, is to inform our family, friends, and new followers of our tiny house adventure that we have started for ourselves. We are starting to move from our 2200 sq ft rambler house into a 217 sq ft tiny home on wheels (300sq ft+ with loft space). A lot of people are excited, confused, curious, and speechless when we inform them of our next step in life. In order to fully grasp why we are taking these steps you first have to get our background of what got us to this point. It all started in 2002 when a hippie guy (Joey) and a funny girl (April) met at a christian college group and fell in love. We were married in 2004 in Illinois and shortly there after moved to Minnesota to start our happily married life. Life was good. We were both working a couple jobs. We had our first home (an adorable rambler), the gentle giant golden doodle Dante’ and amazing neighbors and a great network of family and friends close by. In 2011 we welcomed our beautiful, dimple cheeks, strong willed super hero-Sophie. Life was grand!!

The ‘hard times’ all started back in 2012 when we had gotten into some financial troubles with Joey losing a job, having a new baby, and this started a slow snowball effect into the other categories of life including April’s health…

April was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and it is a rare hereditary fatal disease that affects the respiratory and digestive systems. So this means she spends several hours a day hooked up to her Bronchial Drainage machines with her vest, her tubes, her hoses, and her masks. Plus every time she drinks and eats she takes handfuls of pills, all hours of the day and night. She never gets a day off from her CF…

We have decided to take life in a whole new light through the freedom of our tiny home… And those steps will require lots of selling of items we will truly no longer need. So that we can fill our new home with hope, joy, love, happiness and thanksgiving that April is feeling better and we are a stronger family today. Please follow us on our journey From the Rambler to the Road.

[We are moving] just outside High Point NC (in the Triad) to Tiny House Camp II, which is on 4 acres of land with a huge vegetable garden and in the country… They asked the renter, Kelly, if they needed to sign a contract and she said, “down here we smile and give an honest hand shake. Welcome to the South!”

Read more on their blog – https://wearegoingtiny.wordpress.com/
Watch the video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PZkiKLV3dw


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