11/17 Telluride, Colorado Council nixes tiny house permit

Telluride, Colorado Youth Link Skatepark

Telluride, Colorado Youth Link Skatepark

After roughly two hours of deliberation and public comment, the Telluride Town Council on Tuesday denied a request from the Telluride Area Creative Team for a permit for up to five tiny home units to be placed at the current site of the Youth Link skate park.

Mayor Sean Murphy, Mayor Pro Tem Ann Brady and council members Lars Carlson and Jenny Patterson voted against granting the temporary use and structures permit, which would have allowed up to five tiny homes on the site of the Youth Link skate park. Council members Todd Brown, Bob Saunders and DeLanie Young voted in favor.

The application, prepared by town staff and Kris Holstrom of TACT, proposed that tiny homes purchased by the town be placed at the site through April 30, 2016. The residents would have used the existing Youth Link building, which would have been upgraded to include showers, a kitchen and a washer and dryer.

Council members both in favor of and opposed to the idea took issue with several elements of the proposal, including the nebulous costs of the project, increased noise and traffic in the area (233/235 E. Pacific Ave.) and the long-term fate of the homes.

“We’re trying to make decisions based on very incomplete information,” Murphy said. “That doesn’t mean we’re opposed to doing creative projects [to address affordable housing].”

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Elaine Walker