11/17 Conversation of a Quieter Life

The Lorences' tiny 144-square-foot house

The Lorences’ tiny 144-square-foot house

Imagining herself bereft of life’s purpose, Diana Lorence found peace, passion and paradise in a tiny, 12-foot-square house. And then, after seven years spent living in the home lit only by a fire with her husband and soulmate, Michael Lorence, she made the marvelous decision to share it with the world.

Innermost House is a structure, an idea, an architectural manifestation of being lost, then found. It is a tale of search and self-rescue. For now, it is a website and a story that lives and breathes its essence most vividly in the physical bodies of the Lorences and the minds and memories of guests fortunate enough to have visited. Innermost House still exists on privately owned land; the couple now lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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Elaine Walker