11/16 From shack to tiny house: Deline builds man in need a new home out of donated material

tiny house

The tiny house was handed over to its new owner Tuesday afternoon. It’s built entirely from donated material and community labour. Photo by Danny Gaudet.

Danny Gaudet says he needed to do something when a longtime community member who had been living in a shack admitted “he just couldn’t live that way anymore.”

Gaudet lives in Deline, Northwest Territories, Canada, population 500.

‘He had mice all over the place,’ says Danny Gaudet.

He says the “humble” 53-year old man, who asked to remain anonymous, had called a hand-made uninsulated shack — built from crates and plywood — home for nearly a decade.

“He had mice all over the place,” said Gaudet after a recent visit.

The man had never complained about his living situation before, but it was now ” too much” for him, said Gaudet. The man couldn’t sleep. He asked Gaudet if he could borrow a camper trailer.

Gaudet thought of something better — a tiny house. He figured there was enough material around town that “We could probably go around and get some donations, collect some material and just build him one.”

Gaudet rallied together local carpenters, electricians and anyone who was willing to pick up a drill or hammer to help. Over three weekends, the team built the 16′ by 16′ house all from locally donated material and free labour.

Joe Tetso, a local journeyman carpenter, led the construction.

“I’m proud of the people who came out and did a little bit of help here and there,” said Tetso.

“[We made] sure it’s all insulated, that way he has a warm place to stay. I hope he feels comfortable, instead of that old shack, cold and all that.”

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