11/13 Music City Tiny House Shut Down by Code Officials – Now for Sale

toddler stands in front of tiny house on wheels

The daughter of Sarah and John Murphy stands in front of their tiny house in their backyard in Nashville, TN

Honestly, I don’t know if I ever saw this day coming. When John and I designed and commissioned Music City Tiny House to be built, we envisioned many things, but selling it was not one of them. The tiny house is my happy place. I sit there on the couch and dream of the adventures we could have together, the views that could her windows deserve to behold and the people we would meet along the way.

Though, when we built her, I never envisioned renting her out to other people either.

John and I wanted what every tiny house dweller wants. A simpler lifestyle, financial freedom, less environmental impact, a lifestyle we knew we could afford even if one of us lost our jobs. We’ve taken some risks to get her and keep her, for sure. We cashed out my retirement (I hear the gasps. I know.) to buy her. We ended up buying a “big house” in a not-so-great area of Nashville so we had a place to park her since nobody would host us, and we decided not to hide her, but to openly host public open houses, charity events, tiny-house friendly politician fundraisers, and putting her all over Airbnb and the tiny house network. We did it because we believe in what tiny houses stand for, and who they can help. We did it because we wanted to increase awareness and, hopefully, legal acceptance of them.

We don’t regret a single thing about our tiny house journey, except for the fact that we never got the chance to live in her. We came to terms early on with the fact that OUR place in the tiny house movement was in the advocacy of tiny houses; in the facilitating of OTHER people to go tiny by hosting them, allowing them to “test drive the tiny life,” by answering the hundreds of inquiries we’ve received via email, and speaking at public events in front of large crowds who are intrigued and seeking additional info about tiny houses.

It has been an AMAZING few years!

Unfortunately, last week we were served with the papers we knew would someday arrive: Codes telling us to “shut ‘er down.”

We could fight it, we could go underground and just avoid Airbnb, which is how they likely found us. We could move her to another location, like an RV park, and host from there. We could do a lot of things. What we’re doing instead, is selling it.

Why? Because life has caught up to us. When we first started on this journey, it was to simplify our lives. The minute we started Airbnbing, hosting open houses, and advocating for tiny houses while each holding full-time professional positions and raising a toddler, things got more complicated, not less. Then, 5 months ago, we had another baby. Then my sister and HER newborn moved in with us. Then I started the ball rolling on a business venture that I am so excited about my heart wants to explode. Then we got served papers to stop hosting people in our tiny house. And while it makes me sad that this move to sell the tiny house means this chapter of our tiny house adventure is coming to a close, something needs to give or the complexity of our lives is going to IMPLODE our lives.

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Elaine Walker

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