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11/11 Friends building tiny house community for five families in the Poconos

The Sharing Paradise construction crew raises the wall of a tiny home.
The Sharing Paradise construction crew raises the wall of a tiny home.
Five families who are best of friends that regularly vacation with each other are taking their yearly trips a step further.

They’ve decided to build a tiny house village in Hawley, work that has been documented by local producers and will air Saturday at 1 p.m. on the new HGTV show, “Sharing Paradise.”

The show is produced by the award-winning Bethlehem-based Green Leaf Productions and Blue Ninja Productions, who have recently signed other television deals out of their local studio with Dick Clark Productions for a series called “Mission Resolve,” and another production titled, “Music City Hotel” for the TLC network.

“The show, ‘Sharing Paradise,’ is filmed entirely in Hawley,” said film director and Green Leaf Productions owner Rudy Vegliante.

“The concept is that a group of five couples that have been friends for many years and who typically vacation together, buy a piece of property,” said Vegliante, a former East Stroudsburg resident who now resides in Bethlehem.

“They’ll have five individual homes and one for them to meet up together and, in this way, they’ll still vacation together but have their privacy,” he said.

Read more – https://www.poconorecord.com/news/20161110/hgtv-show-films-in-hawley

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