11/10 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in a Tiny House

woman setting a table[Editorial note: the author considers her 1100 sq ft house to be tiny, which we can probably agree with relative to the task of hosting 30 people for Thanksgiving dinner]

I recently heard this statement “Getting Ready is a Key Aspect of Performance.” I figured it was just referring to getting dressed and putting make-up on…you know getting out of your pajamas for the day, nope I was wrong. It was referring to preparing for whatever task you need to do. In order to have a successful day in general we need to “get ready” meaning set goals, prepare the night before by laying out clothes or packing lunches etc. And a BIG task that you have to “get ready” for is Thanksgiving. If you have ever hosted you know how overwhelming this can be and add the fact that the majority of us do not live in mansions, we have to make some changes to our home in order to host a large group of people for Thanksgiving.

If you are a subscriber to my blog you know that we live in an 1100 square foot cape. We came from 2800 square feet, where I hosted Thanksgiving for 30 people for seven years. It is sad to say that even in almost triple the space I still felt stressed about fitting everyone in our home for Thanksgiving and I often thought our house was not big enough. Horrible way of thinking. I have since reframed my thinking. It is all about “getting ready” for hosting. Making your home work best for the event you will be hosting. I have some tips for getting reading for Thanksgiving and really these could apply to any event you are hosting.

1- Be Thankful
The best tip I can give is to focus on the fact that you have family and friends that you get to spend this wonderful holiday with. They don’t care if they have to squeeze between your fridge and a chair to get by. No one will walk away and say “jeesh! Could they have done an addition before Thanksgiving?!”

2- Simplify
We all like to show our homes in the best light. You might have a gorgeous glass center piece on your ottoman that you love, but guess what? It will be in the way when people come over and could get broken. Move it. I go through and simplify things. Yes, that means I remove a few extra accessories and I simplify my kitchen counters.

And you know what- you might find that you like it that way. I know I do. Any party I host you can count on some sort of game. We like Bingo because everyone can play. For the adults I would let them go to my basement and pick out a home decor item to take home!

3- Create Jobs
Everyone likes to feel apart of creating Thanksgiving. All of my family would immediately find me in the kitchen and ask what they could do to help. And my mind would go blank and I would get stressed. To eliminate that feeling I cleared off my sideboard and made an area of tasks everyone could help with. I have everything all set up so guests can grab an item off of the sideboard and get to work.

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Elaine Walker

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