11/1 Tiny Houses Greensboro Hopes to Solve a Large Problem

Katie Husband of Time Warner Cable News inside a tiny house from Tiny Houses Greensboro

Katie Husband of Time Warner Cable News inside a tiny house from Tiny Houses Greensboro

It’s a 288-square-foot idea with hopes to bring affordable housing to those who need it.

“The reality is in Greensboro, about 50 percent of the people who are renters in Greensboro spend more than 30 percent of their income towards their housing. So, if you’re spending more than 30 percent of your income towards your housing you can’t afford things like medicine and food,” said Brett Byerly, Greensboro Housing Coalition executive director.

The nonprofit Tiny Houses Greensboro has this is tiny house prototype to show what mini-home would look like. Weaver Academy students are working on a move-in ready version now. The house has a sitting area, kitchenette, full bathroom, storage space and a sleeping area.

“We’ve had volunteers from churches, we’ve had volunteers from colleges even from down in Florida come up. We’ve had visitors come in and help us from New Jersey to actually complete the house,” said Scott Jones, Tiny Houses Greensboro chair.

Of course, with any prototype there is always something that needs to be changed and Jones says they’re working on that before the next homes are built.

“This house does have a loft. The future homes that are 288-square-feet will not actually have a loft for sleeping. Everything will be done on the one level and that will make it accessible for those with disabilities,” said Jones.

Jones says if the City of Greensboro rezones the area, they’re looking at a plot of land in the western part of the city to build six tiny homes by next spring. The goal is to base rent off of income and have it be less than one third of the person’s income.

Read more and watch the video – http://www.twcnews.com/nc/triad/news/2016/11/1/tiny-plan-to-solve-a-large-problem.html


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