11/06 Tiny house craze attracts Tampa Bay buyers, builders

tiny home built by SignaTour Campers

tiny home built by SignaTour Campers

With retirement just a few years away, Tampa Bay Tech Teacher, Ken Neuhaus is planning to ditch the condo he shares with his wife and move into a tiny house. “I still want us to have, while were travelling, a very nice place that we feel like we’re at home,” said Neuhaus.

Tiny homes are small. Really small. The one that Neuhaus toured in Tampa, FL is 255 square feet. Compare that to the average home of 2,400 square feet and you get the idea.

Cabinetmaker Jim Turley [of SignaTour Campers] is branching out into the custom tiny house industry. He’s built three tiny houses, so far. “I’ve had a number of people from 20 somethings to retirees” he said.

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Elaine Walker