11/05 Student built tiny house finds its home in Vermont

Kim Marrie-Glynn waves in front of her student built tiny house in Shelburne, Vermont.

Kim Marrie-Glynn waves in front of her student built tiny house in Shelburne, Vermont.

A tiny, 324 square foot house built by Norwich University students traveled from the campus to Shelburne, Vermont Friday.

The yearlong project, Casa 802, helped architecture and construction majors get hands-on experience. It’s also a home new owner Kim Marrie-Glynn has wanted, for a while.

“When I was little, I used to go into the cabinets, I would deck them out with Christmas lights and have food all the time. So, even when I was little, I loved tiny spaces,” Marrie-Glynn said.

Students worked for a year designing and building this itty-bitty house.

“We didn’t know who our client was going to be at first, but it was definitely focused on Vermont, the materials are very related to Vermont and they have a real sense of authenticity,” Norwich University assistant professor of architecture Tolya Stonorov said.

The project had three guidelines: sustainability, locality and beauty. Somehow, it completely synced up with Marrie-Glynn’s dream for a pee-wee home.

“The dream said, ‘Outside of your door, there will be cedar and juniper,’ and I called Tolya and I said, ‘What would is outside my door?’- And she said cedar. Then, my grandmother passed away, and she gave me a little tiny house, and it was actually a casa, and this is called Casa,” Marrie-Glynn said.

For the students, the petite abode is more than just building, but also about growing and adding flare to the experience.

“My favorite part was the sink in the bathroom, it came from my family’s maple syrup farm, so that was cool to see go into the house,” Norwich University student Josh Daigle said.

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