11/04 Big Advantages to Living Small in New Zealand

Huts on Sleds by Crosson Architects

Huts on Sleds by Crosson Architects in New Zealand

Foster says our planning laws and banks have stymied the development of 37sq m or smaller “tiny houses”. Here it’s almost impossible to get planning permission for a home that size. “It’s ridiculous that the Government goes on about affordable housing, yet doesn’t allow people to build [small houses].

“The demand is there. People want to build but can’t because the regulatory framework won’t let us. It is common sense that this has to change.”

She says limitations to the number of dwellings allowed on a site and rules such as height in relation to boundary, access and light stop many potential owners in their tracks. “There is also the problem of nimbyism,” she says. “People don’t want the densification of suburbs. Yet I believe firmly with really good design these homes are not eyesores.”

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Elaine Walker