11/03 Top 4 Downsides to Tiny House Living

Lana & Aaron's tiny kitchen

Lana & Aaron’s tiny kitchen

… Now, I’m not here to discourage tiny-house living in any way… I merely want to acknowledge that there are a few things that sometimes suck about living in a small space. It’s always nice to present both sides of a story, so here’s our top 4 downsides to tiny house living.

1. They get dirty/messy quickly.
Dirt is inevitable in all homes. In tiny homes, however, there is much less square footage for it to hide in. Without a designated entry-way/mudroom/foyer, the dirt we drag in from the outdoors easily makes it way throughout the entire house. We usually have to sweep the floor twice a day just to keep our heads above water. We apologize in advance if you catch us between our morning and evening sweeps.

Then there’s “messes”. These are the papers, clothes, books, toiletries and all the other random objects that work their way into our lives. Even a small number of accumulated things can easily make tiny spaces feel cluttered. You may often find us mindlessly tidying, stacking and arranging in order to win the fight against “messes”.

2. Counter space (or the lack thereof) fills up quickly
I may be painting with a broad stroke here, but I believe that tiny home living and the pursuit of a higher degree of self-sufficiency are intimately linked. If I follow this line of thinking, it leads me to believe that tiny house people likely try to prepare and cook as many of their own meals as possible. Tiny home kitchens are usually surprisingly well equipped, but the counter space can sometimes leave you wanting more. If you’re into cooking or baking, or are attempting to make anything more than a basic meal, you could be forced to get crafty with your counter space. Here’s a brief list of non-kitchen related surfaces we have used to help prepare our meals: stairs, dining table, floor, lap, patio table, dresser, dish rack, windowsill…

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Elaine Walker