11/03 Tiny house team learns from the New York Expert

Bill Rockhill and Emiley Westfall

Bill Rockhill and Emiley Westfall. (Go to original article and click on arrow twice to get to the video.)

The Westminster Tiny House team took a trip to Woodgate, New York. This trip was a long weekend of learning and experiencing more about Tiny Houses from a very well known expert, Bill Rockhill of Bear Creek Carpentry.

Rockhill visited Westminster last where he came and spoke on behalf of the student body about the Tiny House movement. There he spoke about everything there is to be known about Tiny Houses. The Tiny House team though needed to see his work.

While on this trip the team had an opportunity to see many of the different stages of a Tiny House building. The stages within Rockwell’s shop range from tiny homes that were just in the framing stage all the way to the finished product. Along with showing the Tiny House team the houses, Rockhill demonstrated how to use the different tools to build these tiny homes.

The Tiny House team left this trip with a lot more knowledge. They now know how to properly put together their Tiny House. They learned that to build a tiny home is very similar to building any type of home except just down sizing everything. The team learned more about the environmental aspect behind these homes that will make them more efficient when they begin the building process.

Although the team was there to learn about Tiny Houses, they also explored upper state New York. The weather at the time they went was cold and snowy. Being up there visiting Rockhill felt like Christmas, between all the Tiny Houses and snow it couldn’t get anymore like the Christmas Holiday.

Source: http://www.wcn247.com/tinyhousenytrip/


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