11/03 Councilmember Introduces Bill That Would Build 1,000 Tiny Houses For Millennials in DC

Brian Levy's Minim House in Washington, DC

Brian Levy’s Minim House in Washington, DC

Councilmember Vincent Orange must’ve read the results of the ULI survey on millennials in the region.

On Tuesday, Orange introduced a very peculiar piece of legislation focused on providing more housing for millennials in the city. Specifically, the bill proposes construction of 1,000 homes, measuring out at around 600 square feet each, around DC. The homes would be sold for a maximum of $50,000 to residents ages 18 to 33 (mind you, this age restriction violates fair housing) and those making minimum wage.

Orange envisions the tiny homes would have a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but there is no mention of a living room in the bill. Orange would like 125 of these homes located in each of the city’s eight wards.

Needless to say, UrbanTurf believes that the bill is quite a longshot to pass.

Source: http://dc.urbanturf.com/articles/blog/councilmember_introduces_bill_that_would_build_1000_tiny_houses_for_millenn/10544


Elaine Walker