11/02 Tulsa, Oklahoma Officials Figuring out How to Deal with Tiny Houses

Tulsa City Hall

Tulsa City Hall. Photo by Matt Trotter

Tiny houses are increasing in popularity, and that has Tulsa officials wondering how to deal with them.

There’s no exact definition of a tiny house in Tulsa’s zoning code, and that presents a problem for people interested in the trend. Depending upon how they’re built, tiny homes can be classified as single-family, manufactured, mobile or park homes.

“If your intent is to put it on a lot in the City of Tulsa, make sure you’re vetting that process and you’re checking with everyone before you actually go put the money down and buy one of these homes, because you don’t want to be stuck with that investment and then figure out you can’t even get a permit for it,” said Nathan Foster with INCOG.

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