11/02 Tiny house living catches on in Central Florida: Homes on wheels built and inspected by local contractors

Michelle Mann in her tiny house built by Trekker Trailers

Michelle Mann in her tiny house built by Trekker Trailers

Robin Butler’s decades of building experience is going full circle from very large to extreme small or tiny as in tiny house.

Butler is leading a local project based in Apopka inspecting tiny house projects that average about the size of a 8×24 living room but have all the comforts of home.

“Once they’ve scaled their lives down they seem happier,” he told News 6.

Butler, a former building contractor is one of a team of professionals that offer digitized inspections anywhere in the country. (Think “Face time” with the inspector.)

“The inspector is looking at exactly what the builder’s smart device is looking at, he communicates with the builder he can freeze frame put notes and arrows and then pass inspection.

They call themselves the National Organization of Alternative Housing, NOAH.

The group was recently recognized by Foremost Insurance Company as the standard for tiny home inspections.

NOAHcertified.org inspects them and about 30 minutes away in Leesburg, Andrew Bennett, of Trekker Trailers, builds custom tiny homes.

“We can do wood grains and metals and things like that …base price about $49,000 with all the appliances included,” Bennet told WKMGH News 6.

Read more and watch the video: http://www.clickorlando.com/news/investigators/tiny-house-living-catching-on-in-central-florida

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