11/02 Intel Showcases Smart Home Techonology in Automated Tiny Home

210 sq ft showcase of Smart Home technology

210 sq ft showcase of Smart Home technology

Kyle Schuneman designed the house, which doesn’t feel tiny.

“This is how millenials are starting to live. This is how we’re all starting to live. Cities are getting more populated and so people are choosing tiny over big,” Schuneman said. “We have an office, we have a bedroom, we have a living room, we have a kitchen, all in this tiny little space.”

But there’s one thing it doesn’t have, a doorbell. With facial and voice recognition, everything in the home is automated through a tiny central computer.

Read more and watch both of the videos – http://abc7news.com/realestate/intel-showcases-automated-tiny-home-in-sf/1065363/


Elaine Walker