10/30 Tiny House Eviction & Rejection

Site of eviction from Colorado backyard

Site of eviction from Colorado backyard

In the past year, Guillaume (my partner) and I [Jenna] have traveled all over the United States and Canada with our tiny home. We have never been turned away from a campground. We’ve parked on private land: residential driveways, small business parking lots, etc. We’ve always had permission and finding a parking spot for our tiny home has never been a problem. In fact, I would say we’ve been welcomed with open arms…. that is, until now…

Cal [our host] received a notice from Commerce City Neighborhood Services. The notice stated that the property owner had 7 days to remove the “unlawful structure” from his property.

The zoning inspector mentioned his team had JUST held a meeting about the “issue of tiny homes,” and decided on a “no tolerance policy for backyard parking.”

After our backyard tiny house eviction from Commerce City (yes, I’m calling it an eviction), we decided to move our tiny house out of the city and closer to the mountains. We pulled into Tiger Run RV Resort in Summit County, Colorado, hoping to stay for a few nights. As we were checking in with the campground receptionist, this happened –

Tiger Run RV Resort

“We JUST had a meeting about Tiny Homes,” the resort employee explained. “I love them. I want to build one. But the resort won’t allow you to stay here.”

There IS a happy ending. Read the full story on the Tiny House, Giant Journey blog: http://tinyhousegiantjourney.com/2015/10/30/tiny-house-eviction/


Elaine Walker