10/30 Off grid, luxury tiny home in Indianapolis

Sarah Hedges and her fiance, Chris Weller, in their 240 sq ft Tiny Heirloom house

Sarah Hedges and her fiance, Chris Weller, in their 240 sq ft Tiny Heirloom house

‘I don’t want stuff’

The concept of actually downsizing her life became reality for Hedges after her father was diagnosed with brain cancer. She watched as her parents had to clean out the home they had lived in for nearly 35 years in order to move into a smaller house.

“I remember feeling that I don’t want stuff, I don’t want stuff, I don’t want stuff. I didn’t want to end up in a place where I’ve collected all of this stuff that may be useful or maybe isn’t, but I feel bound by it,” she said. “Really, I was driving down the road and decided it was time for a tiny house.”

Hedges works as the art director for Gallery 42, a downtown Indianapolis art house owned by Lamb Lake residents Jim and Linda Hunter. She considers herself a collector and already had too many knickknacks, decorations and other possessions that she’d need to scale back on. As an artist, she could hang on to items she considered beautiful to implement them into her work.

Before making such a huge commitment, Hedges had to see if she could stand living in a small space. She spent a few nights last year at the Music City Tiny House, a tiny house in Nashville, Tennessee, that can be reserved to try out the experience…

Doing some research, Hedges found Tiny Heirloom, a custom homebuilder based in Oregon. What stood out to her was the company’s attention to detail and inclusion of luxury in small spaces.

“One of the complaints that we had heard about tiny homes was that they’re basically shacks on wheels — they don’t have a lot of structural integrity and are a cheap fix,” Hedges said. “I knew what I wanted was something I could really love living in, that wouldn’t be a phase of my life that came and went very quickly.”

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