10/29 Tiny House Going Up in Berkeley: Proof You Can Live in the Bay Area on a Budget

Eliana Chinea, in front of the tiny house she's building with her boyfriend, Mark Alford

Eliana Chinea, in front of the tiny house she’s building with her boyfriend, Mark Alford

You’ve heard the nightmare stories of the high cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even this falling-down San Francisco shack for $350,000 was snapped up for well above asking price. But we found at least one Berkeley, CA, couple who opted out of the high-priced game, going instead the DIY route to build a tiny home—for a tiny price tag.

Eliana Chinea, a 28-year-old yoga instructor from Indiana, moved to the Bay Area three years ago with her cyclist boyfriend, Mark Alford. The two had to juggle multiple jobs just to cover the basics.

“We couldn’t afford the rent,” Chinea says. Inspired by the hOMe Plans they discovered online, the two set a micro budget of $7,000 and a bold goal: build the home on wheels themselves, and find a place to park it once they were finished.

With a few thousand dollars raised from family and friends, they began their big adventure in February.

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Elaine Walker