10/27 The whole tiny house movement is about women trying to prove they don’t need men?

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The Tiny House Movement is fascinating to me, just like the one where people sign up to go into outer space and never come back. Or like the Sister Wives thing, which I imagine in some ways is very much like going into outer space and never coming back…

I don’t see a lot of couples or single men on HGTV making the move to the tiny house. It’s primarily single women who take the leap, and that makes me ask myself a lot of questions.

Are they proving their independence? Do they really want to hum “Baby, the rain must fall, Baby the wind must blow, Wherever my heart leads me, Baby I must go” for the rest of their lives? Are they really smitten with getting back to nature and loving the feel of dirt under their fingernails? Am I really as sexist as I sound?…

I don’t think it’s an economic or back-to-nature or anti-government phenomenon.

I think, like just about everything else when it comes right down to it, it’s a boy/girl thing.

I think women are trying to prove they don’t need men and can accomplish anything they need to without them. That’s probably true in a lot of cases. But, there are lots of true things that shouldn’t necessarily define our lives.

I think this Tiny House Movement is going to pass. And when it does, I think a lot of men are going to inherit backyard sheds.

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Elaine Walker