10/27 Taking the Weight Off My Shoulders

Natalie's tiny house under construction in Nova Scotia

Natalie’s tiny house under construction in Nova Scotia

I took this build on by myself, armed with a dream and the internet. I also carried around the assumption that everything had to be done before winter because… winter. I have been insanely stressed, all because of the self-inflicted pressure to get the house through an entire phase in four months. I neglected finishing my steps list or my timeline because I didn’t want to think about how much there was to do before the temperature dropped. I’ve been avoiding blogging and sharing my progress because I’m ashamed I’m not further along. I know how much is left to do and that knowledge has been sabotaging me every morning I try to sleep my stress away, every afternoon I tie up my work boots dejectedly, and every night when I avoid my books, my favourite pastime, because I don’t feel I deserve them…

What could I do to lessen my stress about how little time I have left? The last thing on the list in my head titled “Before Winter” is siding. Maybe I could it installed for me? I looked into it. It would only take two days, but it would cost $1035. That’s not in the budget.

De-Stress Attempt #2: Take things off the list.

It was simple. I finally wrote down all the steps to finish Phase 3: The Shell, and I realized that it’s not physically possible…

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Elaine Walker