10/27 Impressive Tiny House Built for Under $30K Fits Family of 3

Tiny Tall House

Tiny Tall House

While there are quite a few tempting “turn-key” tiny homes available to order right now, there’s just something about a super personalized owner-built home that’s extra thrilling to see. Case in point: this 160-square-foot “Tiny Hall House” (“Hall” being the owners’ surname) in Massachusetts, which was built for under $30K over six months and houses three people.

Looking snugly lived-in and photoshoot-ready at the same time, the home comes with the standard tiny living accoutrements, including a lofted Queen bed, compact “couch” that doubles as a bed for the couple’s son (the space is about two feet wide by eight feet long, which makes it about a foot narrower than the typical twin bed), kitchenette, and composting toilet. Even more rad are custom touches like the bookshelves hidden in the gabled entrance and the miniature bedside stands and lamps.

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Elaine Walker