10/27 Couple’s extra-wide tiny home has a climbing wall

tiny house of Oli and Holly in New Zealand

tiny house of Oli and Holly in New Zealand

Rising home prices and shaky economic times have meant that it’s difficult for younger people to find that first affordable home of their own. No wonder so many people — young and old — are gravitating toward smaller and tiny homes. While they are not for everyone, they do provoke some hard thinking about how much space and stuff we really need.

For some, the tiny home is an important first stepping stone to a bigger house. That’s the case with Oli and Holly of New Zealand, who built their own tiny house on a small piece of land, as part of their plan to eventually move up into something bigger later on when starting a family. Like a lot of the other tiny homes we see, there’s a lot of clever space-maximizing ideas, as well as some unique touches that speak to the couple’s adventurous spirit.

A few things here make this little home unique from the rest. First, Oli and Holly’s 23′ x 10′ home is larger than most tinys designed for more frequent moving. But in enlarging their home just a bit, they’ve been able to construct a living space that is much more open. Having nine windows doesn’t hurt either, and the extra space has allowed them to add in more full-sized furniture (dining table, couch) and appliances (refrigerator, washing machine).

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