10/26 Toledo woman buys tiny house, but can’t move in yet due to city regulations

Frankie Bordenkircher stands in front of her tiny house.

Frankie Bordenkircher stands in front of her tiny house.

Imagine buying a house, but not be able to move in because of city regulations.

That’s reality for Frankie Bordenkircher. She loves everything about her 240 square feet tiny house that she bought this summer. It was featured on an HGTV show, and is known as one of the most recognized tiny houses in America thanks to its brightly colored paint.

“I didn’t have a lot of stuff, but I wanted to downsize and see what it would be like to live with less, so I really believe it’s all that I need,” Bordenkircher said. “I’m excited about it and we are being welcomed by our neighbors.”

The problem is, she can’t move in yet. City regulations are in place to ensure a home has a proper foundation, utility connections and enough land to be placed on. Toledo City Councleman Tom Waniewski is working to help Frankie navigate through the process and become the first person in Toledo to live in a tiny house.

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