10/26 Tiny house project aims to build women’s networks and skills

RPGA Studio logoTo empower women in a field that is usually male dominated, the Rego Park Green Alliance (RGPA) Studio will lead a tiny house build project called The Observer.

Led by Yvonne Shortt, founder and executive director of RPGA Studio, the program aims to form networks through empowerment, skill building and information sharing.

She created a Meetup group for womenwho are interested in learning how to build a mobile space and meet new people. So far, about 150 people have signed up…

At the core of the project, Shortt wants women to “feel strong in their conviction,” adding that “if you can empower one woman and she empowers one woman, we can build a community of women who are more empowered to use physical and emotional tools and networks.”

Wanting to create a creative space and equip women with building skills, Shortt came up with the idea of building a tiny house from scratch.

The organization recently completed the design for the exterior, and will work on the interior space throughout the next couple of months. In the second phase of construction, the space will transform into a studio space.

The creative studio space will serve as a mobile observation lab. The lab will allow performance artists to observe the outside world, recording and documenting what they see in the five boroughs.

For the build, RPGA Studio has reserved space at the Knockdown Center in Maspeth. Trained carpenters will help on build days. Initial workshops begin on May 29th of next year and center around equipment use and building for living and workspaces.

The following weeks, participants will learn about subfloor framing, sheathing, exterior siding, interior siding, roofing, electrical, plumbing and more aspects of construction.

During community build days, community members will be able to work on the tiny house during three-hour blocks. In addition to women, the organization plans to include specific days designated for middle school and high school students, as well as days for parents and their daughters.

The RPGA Studio expects the project to be completed by July 3. Once the studio space is completed and it is transformed into The Observer lab, the RPGA Studio will travel with it to different boroughs in order to engage in conversation.

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