10/22 Is living small the wave of the future?

Nelson Tiny Homes built this 380-square-foot tiny house for Kathleen Ennis.

Nelson Tiny Homes built this 380-square-foot tiny house for Kathleen Ennis.

It is said that when the pendulum swings too far in one direction, it will only swing just as far in the other.

And so these days we have, among many opposing forces, the issue of housing.

Specifically, large vs. small….

Kathleen Ennis, a draftsman by career, designed her 380-square-foot tiny house with the help of builder Nelson Tiny Homes.

Ennis sold the Calgary home she shared with her 24-year-old daughter Kayley, opting for tiny living on family property in Nakusp.

Her daughter followed suit, enlisting a Nova Scotia tiny home contractor who is custom building a 300-square-foot tiny house she will soon move into on property in Lunenburg.

“We decided we wanted to get rid of 40 per cent of our stuff,” says Ennis.

“Then we saw a YouTube video on a tiny house show in Australia, and we started watching more videos on tiny houses … and we decided to sell the house and build two tiny homes.”

Hers is large by tiny house standards, built to fit a gooseneck trailer, and features a roomy loft bedroom and a full bathroom with a tub, the latter a non-negotiable mod-con for Ennis.

Ennis, 51, knows the simplified life isn’t for everyone. But she lives mortgage-free, works from home, has time for gardening and painting and prefers the quiet of the country over a crowded city.

She is proud, too, that her daughter represents a new generation of homeowner making thoughtful, and economic, choices.

“I think as a society we’ve reached a critical mass. How much more stuff do we need? And I think we’re all looking for something that connects us back to community.”

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Elaine Walker