10/22 Get away from it all with Tiny Boxes in the Woods

Getaway tiny cabin in New England

Getaway tiny cabin in New England

It’s called Getaway. As in literally, get away from it all. Set deep in the woods of New England are cabins so tiny that they’re almost easy to miss. And that’s kind of the point.

“The idea is that you go to a Getaway and you do nothing at all. People write to us and ask us what’s nearby, what can we do? So we tell them, we could tell you but we won’t. So we say, ‘Instead, why don’t you get there and see what you want to do and see what you feel like,’” said Jon Staff, CEO of Getaway.

Staff started Getaway with the over-worked urban dweller in mind who needs to escape the city for a night or two without the hassle of planning and spending a lot of money to do it. They also want to evoke a sense of adventure on these trips. The cost? $99 a night.

“We don’t reveal where you are going until 24 hours before you go. And the idea behind that is that we want to actively prevent you from going online and planning your weekend minute-by-minute.” Staff said.

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Elaine Walker