10/21 Tiny House Lessons: Buyer Beware

Jenn Baxter's tiny house - things are not as in order as they seem

Jenn Baxter’s tiny house – things are not as in order as they seem

Once I started staying at the house full time, I realized the problems were far from over. First, every time it rained, dirty water would pour in around the air conditioner because it was installed incorrectly, pooling on the kitchen counter and the floor. The electric outlet in my bathroom was not GFCI protected, so I was afraid to keep anything plugged into it. My washer/dryer was built so far under the kitchen counter that I couldn’t access the detergent drawer, making it unusable. And the front to my kitchen drawer came off in my hand one day…

So I decided to have the house inspected by three independent contractors – an electrician, a plumber and a builder. Good thing I did.

Like I suspected, there was a LOT more wrong with the house than I was even aware of. Between the three of them, they found EIGHTEEN more things wrong. Everything from major issues with the seal of the house (there was no flashing installed beneath the siding and the exposed wood was not treated) to safety issues like the electric panel and hot water heater being installed too close together. There were other serious electric safety issues, the windows were not installed properly, the stairs weren’t supported correctly and the skylight wasn’t sealed properly, among other things…

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Elaine Walker