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10/20 Why a tiny church helps tiny house builders

Chris & Seth Terramane's tiny house in progress in the church's backyard
Chris & Seth Terramane’s tiny house in progress in the church’s backyard

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a friend, Chris Terramane, who is building a tiny house with her husband, Seth. Chris put me in touch with Mary Memmott, whom Chris calls their champion at Grace Church, a United Church of Christ church in Framingham, Mass.

Grace Church is sharing land and power with Chris and Seth so that they can build their house. Mary is the volunteer coordinator at Grace, and she kindly shared with me a bit more about the connection between Grace and the Terramanes.

To be clear, the Terramanes have zero affiliation with Grace Church – yet the church has opened its arms to them. Pretty cool! The following interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Alicia: How did you meet the Terramanes?
Mary Memmott: I had met Seth at Stearns Farm (where he works) and Grace Church has a share that we donate to a food pantry. But the request for a place to build the tiny house came to me indirectly, through my involvement with Transition Framingham, an organization focused on building a more resilient and sustainable Framingham as we transition away from fossil fuels (you can see more at their website). I responded to an email that had been forwarded through a friend in that group and later realized I had met Seth before.

AR: What does Grace Church do to help them?
MM: Seth and Christine have a key to the building, they can use electricity and water as needed, and they have a lot of space to work in. They help us by watering our small herb garden on the weekends.

Read more http://www.patheos.com/blogs/surprisingfaith/2015/10/it-just-seems-to-fit/

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