10/20 Planning Committee Report on Maui Housing Inventory includes Tiny Home Options

Jen Chalupsky sits on the front step of a tiny house

Jen Chalupsky in the entrance of an Island Tiny Home. Photo by Kailea Sonrisa.

A temporary investigative group filed a report with the Planning Committee focused on increasing the County’s housing inventory.

The group was chaired by Councilmember Elle Cochran, with Councilmembers Gladys Baisa and Don Couch serving as members.

The group convened on five meeting dates between Aug.1 and Sept. 22, 2016, and identified five items that if implemented would help to improve housing inventory for Maui County.

The highest priority item was legislation needed to amend the zoning ordinance to allow accessory or affordable accessory dwellings on smaller lots.

The reports states that the change would immediately result in the potential for building additional homes without the need for other land use entitlements or applications. The down side is the potential to increase the density of development in already crowded or compact residential areas…

Item #4 would explore zoning and permitting issues relating to the establishment of “tiny house” communities and tiny houses on existing lots. The group recommended investigating the use of tiny homes in the County including how to define the term “tiny home,” whether tiny homes could be clustered and where, what services (roadways, water, sanitation, etc.) would be required, and in what zoning districts tiny homes would be allowed.

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