10/19 Eight Overlooked Obstacles That Sabotage Your Happiness

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Happiness is good for health. And positive thoughts are great because they give you a positive outlook on life. Negative thoughts, however, can confirm the worst-case scenario that any pessimist might imagine. And trying to avoid negative thoughts is like trying to run away from life.

But here’s a secret.

According to Daniel Gilbert, you can change your happiness by being optimistic and adding actions on your to-do list.

How To Eliminate Obstacles Blocking Your Happiness.

1. Purchasing products

Spending money on things doesn’t make you happy. A desire for new things develops as soon as you attain what you wanted. The more things you desire, the less happy you become.

Instead of spending money on things, use it to visit people who make you happy. Surrounding yourself with happy people will make you happy because happiness is contagious.

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Elaine Walker